Mr.Andrew Nyamongo-H.O.D Games

A range of sports activities have been carried out in Kebirigo boys over the years. We have always moved from glory to glory in every sport calendar year trouncing a number of schools in our neighborhood. We are a school to reckon with in games activities ranging from indoors to athletics. This has won us the title “Unbeatable Warriors” Among the games activities that we participate include athletics, volleyball, soccer-both under 16 and Under 19, table Tennis, Badminton and Handball. We have a great vision of initiating Basketball and Rugby over time.

The school is well recognized for its characteristic excellent performance in athletics where we have produced students participating in games to National Level. The school has also managed to produce participants in the regional levels in both indoor and outdoor activities. Our achievements in game activities can be attributed to team work and great support from all the teachers. The school has an organized staff team that competes with the winning class at the closure of every term. Department!!!!!go!!!!!!go!!!!go!!!!

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