It is a great pleasure to welcome you to Kebirigo Boys Secondary School.

I feel privileged to lead such an exciting and vibrant school, which offers great opportunities for the young people of Kenya. It is our goal to make each and every student to succeed. We offer our students the best possible opportunities to become confident, thoughtful young people who are prepared for any future challenges, in an exciting and increasingly global world.

At Kebirigo Boys, we are very proud of our caring, inclusive ethos where we set high standards and expectations for our students to achieve and behave their very best. From the moment a new  student joins our school community we want them to feel a sense of happiness and belonging, as this is essential to their future success. Our superb facilities and dedicated staff will enable us to deliver our programmes in an environment that is intimate, friendly and attuned to every specific educational need. We keep our classes and tutorial groups relatively small to create an atmosphere where you can feel relaxed and comfortable, which allows learners to really get to know their teachers.

Visitors are always welcome to make an appointment to visit Kebirigo Boys High School and see what we have to offer the young boys of our communities,talk to our staff and students and see us in action.

I look forward to welcoming you to ensure the best standard of education and personal development for your child.

Mr. Clement Nyang’acha

Chief  Principal

Mr. Denis Okoth-Deputy Principal Administration



Mr.James Ogari-Deputy Principal Curriculum.

Kebirigo high school admits students in form one through the ministry of education placements which is done at the end of every year.
With limited vacancies in the other forms, admissions are done ONLY when there are vacancies through interviews. This is done within the first 2 weeks of the beginning of an academic year if vacancies are established and advertised.


The school offers a wide range of curricula which affords students with diverse experience and discipline as they prepare to serve the world in different capacities. We are looking forward to aligning ourselves to the new education system, CBC, by introducing more applied subjects.

Kebirigo Boys High school has five academic departments each with a number of subjects as follows;


Biology,Chemistry and Physics


History,Christian Religious Education and Geography


Business Studies,Agriculture,Music and Computer studies


English and Kiswahili



All the subjects above are examinable.

In form 1 a student takes all sciences, all humanities, both languages, math, business studies and one other applied subject. That makes 11 subjects. At the end of form 2 one selects 8 subjects, from the 11. This is done under the guidance of the careers officer guided by the student’s career path and passion for the subject.


Kebirigo High School may not claim academic perfection but certainly can claim progress.

Our school motto; Committed to Excellence, has been grown  in the entire Kebirigo School teaching staff, non-teaching staff and student qualities that surpass ordinary standards arising from dedication, discipline and tenacity of character.

The school has continued to perform well managing to be among the best three in Nyamira County.

With the aspirations of the school, dedication of the administration and staff and the will to perform from all the stake holders we strive to give the best to the students who join us.

We owe our achievements this far to the Almighty, acknowledging His favor upon the entire school.


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